Available Puppies and Adults
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There are no puppies available at this time.


From time to time, we have an adult or two available to approved forever homes.  We want all of our dogs to receive excellent individual attention, and can only do this by keeping the least amount of animals ourselves.  We prefer to place our dogs in excellent homes where they will be kept in the house and be part of the family.  Some may have breeding rights retained.  Those that would not be part of our breeding program are spayed and neutered.  All are cherished and loved, therefore they will only go to the best homes available.  If you are looking for a Pointer, and prefer an adult dog to a puppy, and can provide an excellent life to the animal, please consider giving one of the following a home:

There are no adults available at this time.  If you are interested in an adult, please contact us and we will provide you with names of adults available with other reputable Pointer breeders and owners.  Also please contact rescue.


Consider rescue as an option where to find your next Pointer.  There are many Pointers out there in shelters and foster homes waiting for a wonderful forever home.   Please contact the following rescues if you are looking for a Pointer:


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